Revelation states plainly that Satan wages war against the “Lamb” by persecuting his followers on the earth.

At times, there may be so many “trees” that we find it difficult to see the “forest.” Put another way, details distract us from seeing the obvious. This is often so when dealing with the visions of Revelation. But according to its very first word, the book is intended to “reveal what things must come to pass,” not to conceal them or to mystify us.

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To follow Jesus means a life of self-denial, a willingness to suffer persecution for him, and to selflessly serve others Matthew 5:10-12.

Contrary to the “wisdom of this age,” rage is NOT appropriate “Christian” reactions to persecution.  Anger by Christians when their “inherent rights” are threatened only demonstrates how far many of us have assimilated to the values of this age that are contrary to the teachings and example of Jesus himself, and especially to his self-sacrificial death.

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